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Fogg Disposable Pod Device

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Fogg Disposable Pod Device
3 per pack

The Fogg Disposable Pod Device is an easy-to-use disposable pod system that contains approximately 300 puffs (equal to approximately 20 cigarettes). After you're done, just toss it! It's easy as that. This pod device is equipped with 5% nicotine e-liquid.


  • Secret Cigar is a superb touch of pure and rich cigar, blended with vanilla cream custard and white nuts. It is a secret you've waited for a long time, to unlock all your vaping desires.
  • Secret Sauce Grape offers an original essence of juicy, enriched, and flavorsome grapes. One of the most exclusive aroma and quintessence of grape --for you to vape!

Cloud Breakers Purple Berry

  • A seamless assortment of exotic fruits including blueberry, raspberry, grape, and strawberry. This amazing jawbreaker will touch your jaws and heart on every vape you take. It's a perfect blend of sourness of blueberry, the tingling of raspberry, the crunchy juiciness of grapes, and the sweetness of strawberry.


  • Secret Tobacco is a creamy vanilla tobacco that is made with high quality standard, bringing you the best e-liquid flavor.


  • Refresh yourself with Secret Watermelon, an amazing, freshly ripe and juicy watermelon flavored e-liquid. Unlock the secrets of watermelon today and revitalize your senses to new dimensions!

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