STLTH Premium Pod Packs E-Juice 2

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STLTH Premium Pod Packs E-Juice 2
What's in the box

Specifically crafted range of flavors, designed specifically for STLTH.

The nicotine blend is proprietary, purposely made to be extra smooth to accommodate smokers who are looking to switch from traditional tobacco. 

Each pack contains 3 pod cartridges

2.0 mL of E-liquid per cartridge


MOFO Cool Honeydew - A very fruity honeydew melon flavor enriched with a sensation of freshness.

MOFO Funky Berries - A lot of berries, a lot of funky’s!

MOFO Pink Lemon - Tart and sweet pink lemonade.

MOFO Pink Sour Peach - Peach candy.

MOFO Pink Voltage - Blue raspberry, citrus and ginseng.

Salt NIX: Neon Berries - A sugary-sweet vape packed with a blend of wild berries. Neon Berries has a sweet berry inhale and a sharp blue raspberry exhale. It features notes from over six different kinds of berries to create a flawlessly balanced mix of sweet and tart.

Salt NIX: Icy Mango - Icy Mango lets you experience a bite of fresh mango with every inhale! It is an extremely accurate representation of the real fruit, enhanced by an ice-cold sensation from start to finish. Let its juiciness along with its refreshing effect make every day feel like the first day of summer.

Savage Apple Ringer - Sour apple and juicy peach blended with just the right amount of sweetness

Savage Blood Orange Ice - Juicy Orange with a cool exhale

Savage Classic Ice - A straight classic on ice (Classic soda on ice)

Savage Grape Apple Ice - Sweet grape and sour green apples blended over ice with a frosty finish

Savage Lemon Lime Banana - Tangy Lemon blended with sweet ripe bananas

Savage Mango Peach Pineapple - Ripe mangoes accented with notes of juicy peach and zesty pineapple

Savage Orange Mango Guava Ice - Zesty orange, sweet guava and ripe mango with a hint of ice

Savage Pineapple Lemon - Zesty pineapple perfectly accented with sour lemon

Savage Power - Sweet and sour oomph to keep you going all day

Savage Rocket - Red, white and blue iced to perfection

Savage Slam Dunk - A sweet, fresh halo with a hint of cinnamon 

Savage Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon - A delicious blend of ripe strawberries, kiwi and juicy watermelon

Savage Strawnana - A classic sweet strawberry and banana blend

Savage Tropic Breeze - Sweet coconut and fresh pineapple juice blended with a cool icy exhale

X - Apple: A simple yet juicy blend of green apples offering just the right amount of sweetness.

X - anana Ice: A ripe banana blend with a refreshingly cool aftertaste.

X - Blue Raspberry Cherry: A delicious sweet blend of blue raspberry and cherry that will satisfy your cravings.

X - Cubano: A full flavor Cuban cigar blend with a little touch of soft creamy vanilla. The Cubano is a classic you absolutely wanna try.

X - Double Mint: A chilling and refreshing e-juice experience. This flavor of mint packs a blast of chills and excitement. Double mint is a must for the spearmint and peppermint fans out there.

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