We are the original creators of the Vape Time juice line (Quad Berry, Hopeful, Original Sin and Pear Berry).

Visit our wholesale website (vapetimewholesale.com) and submit the registration form to create an account. We will approve your account ASAP and send you a link to login.

We have released our version of some popular juices that we know you'll be happy with. Please consider bringing in the following juices for your customers to try out:

  • LIX Mint Condition >> try our Crisp Mint (available in Salt and Freebase)
  • LIX Darts >> try our Classic Tobacco Salt
  • Tobac No.7 Fine Rolling Tobacco >> try our Classic Tobacco Freebase
  • LIX Grape Iced >> try our Grape Glacier (available in Salt and Freebase)
  • LIX Mango Iced >> try our Frosted Mango (available in Salt and Freebase)
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